Take your microwave path design to the next level with the newly improved Aviat Design application.
The most integrated solution for all your microwave path planning needs, Aviat Design is now more accurate, user-friendly, and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Aviat Design is…

Fast. Complete all your link designs in just a few clicks.

Accurate. Using Aviat’s recently updated Starlink libraries and algorithms and clutter map.

Easy. All radio specs are fully integrated… no pathloss files to download. Access it anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive. Adjust parameters and generate path profiles in less time all in a user-friendly Google-maps interface.



Start designing today – here’s how:

Login to AviatCloud*
Click Design in the left menu bar
Click Add project and start designing!
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Aviat Design

What’s new

  • Updated database with most current Aviat Networks products including:
    • WTM4100, WTM4200, and WTM4500.
    • ODU600v1 /ODU600v2 with RAC60/6X,RAC70 and RAC1X/2X.
    • IRU600v3/v4 with RAC60/6X,RAC70 , and RAC1X/2X.
    • WTM3300/WTM5800.
  • Clutter Layer (USA) using USGS National Land Cover Database (NLCD).
  • Automatic antenna center line height estimation to clear obstacles in the path profile.
  • Network export to Google Earth.
  • Reflection analysis for paths over water and smooth terrain.
  • Improved reports including a complete network report.
  • Ability to show results for “Two way” and “One way” combined multipath and rain availability.

Benefits when compared to other path design tools

  • Access anywhere. Cloud based tool requiring no software or downloads – easy access and always have latest version.
  • Intuitive. Adjust parameters on the fly to optimize performance, generate path profiles, Google-maps interface.
  • Easy. Path calculations to be completed with a few clicks.
  • Up to date database with Aviat Networks equipment. No pathloss files to worry about.
  • Fixed or ACM calculation of links using same integrated database.
  • Template system that allows to use any radio and antenna configuration for offered protection schemes.
  • Automatic loading of environmental parameters allows quick and precise calculation.
  • More precise path profiles with clutter layer (USA)
  • Ability to overlay networks in Google Earth
  • Ability to determine if Space Diversity is needed for paths over water and smooth terrain.

Some of our recently added features

Aviat Design is the next generation microwave planning tool. It uses the latest SaaS web technology to allow users to design microwave links anytime and anywhere. Aviat Design supports the full portfolio of Aviat Network’s equipment and protection configurations. Special features allow users to design microwave links accurately and quickly.

Automatic antenna centerline

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Reflection analysis (used to calculate space diversity antenna spacing)

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Clutter map / Terrain ‘Fly-by’ (USA)

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Learn how to use Aviat Design

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